Let’s Walking: Kiso-Fukushima to Agematsu

Welcome to ‘Let’s Walking’* – a series of blog posts about hiking the Kiso valley. In this post we’ll be taking a leisurely stroll along the Kisoji between Kiso-Fukushima and Agematsu stations. The Kisoji is the section of the historical Nakasendo route that runs between Niekawa-juku in Nagano prefecture and Magome-juku in Gifu prefecture. Now,Continue reading “Let’s Walking: Kiso-Fukushima to Agematsu”

Coronavirus Coronashmirus (3,000 Dead Globally)

If you’re an extremely dedicated follower of international news like me, you may have heard of this new obscure new disease called the ‘coronavirus’, or more accurately ‘COVID–19′. Now, I’m no expert in medicine, international politics, domestic politics, infectious diseases, advanced statistics, epidemiology, public health, rudimentary statistics, or hygiene or so I’m not qualified toContinue reading “Coronavirus Coronashmirus (3,000 Dead Globally)”