Stories from Japan’s Heartland

Rural Japanese Life at its Most Intense, or, Mountain Pipe Maintenance 101

(In today’s post – important community building; schlepping up a big mountain to clean some pipes; photos with poor lighting; surprise crabs) In early December, just after I moved to Nagiso, I was informed by one of my new neighbours that our water bill would be incredibly cheap. Now, that’s a pretty suspicious conversational openingContinue reading “Rural Japanese Life at its Most Intense, or, Mountain Pipe Maintenance 101”

Coronavirus Coronashmirus (3,000 Dead Globally)

If you’re an extremely dedicated follower of international news like me, you may have heard of this new obscure new disease called the ‘coronavirus’, or more accurately ‘COVID–19′. Now, I’m no expert in medicine, international politics, domestic politics, infectious diseases, advanced statistics, epidemiology, public health, rudimentary statistics, or hygiene or so I’m not qualified toContinue reading “Coronavirus Coronashmirus (3,000 Dead Globally)”

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