Welcome to the Kiso Valley

A complimentary troop of monkeys has been left on your roof.

Hello and welcome to the Kiso Valley Diary – a new blog dedicated to life in rural Japan.

In 2014 I moved from my home of the UK to Japan. There I taught English, learned Japanese, met my wife, convinced her to be my wife, and started working as a freelance translator and interpreter.

Life was generally good. The complete unavailability of hummus was balanced out by ¥800 ramen and a generally low cost of living I couldn’t dream of back home in London. But as time went on we both got an itch. We wanted to try somewhere new. Somewhere with a population less than 2.25 million people. Somewhere with trees and rivers and animals. Preferably somewhere with a nice view.

Nagoya in all its glory.

So in November 2019, after six years of living in the convenient-but-unglamorous city of Nagoya my wife and I moved across the country to the Nagano countryside, to the inconvenient-but-unglamorous town of Nagiso (population 4,111).

Kiso Valley Diary is a blog following our new life in rural Japan, including (but not limited to) topics such as: ‘exploring beautiful hiking trails’, ‘learning local customs’, and ‘oh my god it’s cold’.

Expect a new post every week or so. Also, expect monkeys. If I’ve learned one thing about Nagiso it’s that the whole place is lousy with monkeys.

(My wife also runs an Instragram for Kiso Valley Diary that is much better than my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kisovalley_diary/)

Nagiso in all it’s glory.

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